The build quality of this Bluetooth speaker is very high, I’ve bought a few wireless speakers at this price range and this easily is the nicest of them. It looks great placed on a shelf or my coffee table, a nice minimalist and sleek design. It feels substantial and looks and feels built to last…it’s not made of plastic. The bass response in this speaker is surprisingly quite good and the treble is pretty clear as well, as I listen to a range of different music I cannot fault the quality of the music produced from this speaker. There’s a lot going for it, especially considering its price. Pairing was easy. It came really well packaged with high quality cables. The bass, treble and balance is top notch given its low price bracket for such a well built wireless speaker.
I like the fact that it doesn’t have to be wirelessly connected all the time either as it comes with a 3.5mm cable.
The controls on it are pretty easy to use…I’ve connected it to my iphone and my laptop and works fine. It has some sort of inbuilt memory as it connected automatically after I first paired it which was good.

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